Garden Guy: Backyard Butterfly Adventure

By Norman Winter A blog post in September rang like a rifle shot through our butterfly community. A very rare butterfly, a Tailed Cecropian, was seen at a banana brew feeding station in ...
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The Garden Guy: Amistad Salvia

Giving Your Landscape the Royal Treatment By Norman Winter   Until something unseats it, Amistad salvia has to be considered the most beautiful salvia to ever hit the market. Amistad ...
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The Garden Guy: Bouquet Dianthus

The Perfect Pansy Pal and Cut Flower for Sharing By Norman Winter   As we start the new year, many are focusing on giving. Giving encompasses more than writing a check. In the garden ...
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Ergonomic tools make gardening easier

The term ergonomics is derived from the Greek words "ergon," which means work, and "nomoi," which means natural laws. In the simplest terms, ergonomics is the study of how work is done and how to ...
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