Actively Speaking: The Best Fit

By Aimee Hodges, CI-CPT   May I begin with a confession? I am secretly judging your shoes. I notice all types of shoes, from high heels to running shoes. Spotting the latest trends in ...
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Actively Speaking: The New Year’s Day Workout

by Aimee Hodges, CI-CPT   January is here!. Coming off a holiday smorgasbord, it's time to face the facts – our bodies need to get moving but our minds wonder where to begin. ...
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How to improve overall endurance

Pushing oneself physically can be exhausting and demanding. But whether you're a seasoned athlete, a part-time fitness enthusiast or even someone who lives a largely sedentary lifestyle, you can ...
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10 Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog

You've traveled this route many times. Your footsteps are on automatic pilot and your dog is tired of smelling the same patches of grass. You continue your daily walks sticking as closely to ...
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