Victory Cottage: Thrifted Home Style

By Kassie Pounds

We have been doing quite a few updates to our little cottage lately, and I’ve found myself spending more time searching for thrifted items to complete different spaces. I’ve always loved a good thrifted score, but I never actually waited until I found “just the right piece” before buying a particular item I needed or wanted. So much of the time, just being my impatient self, I would buy something I didn’t particularly love, just to get it done and in place. But this go around, since we were doing several updates at the same time, my husband and I would make a list and go on the hunt.

If we didn’t find exactly what we loved, we didn’t buy anything. It can be such a pain to do without something you think you really need in your home, but ah, the feeling when you finally find the one. It’s such a feeling of accomplishment, and knowing it’s something everyone can’t just go out and buy at a box store, well, that in itself is rewarding.

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