Mission Moms: Teach. Serve. Act.

By Annalysa Elledge

It was during the 2011 Christmas season when Kathryn Flores overheard her two boys arguing about what they felt they should get as gifts. The fact her children might be taking the extra blessings of their life for granted really ate at Kathryn. She wanted to groom her children to become adults who would lead their lives with a heart of service, compassion, and gratitude.

This goal, coupled with the fact that Kathryn felt drawn to help out the hundreds of children in their community who couldn’t fill their toy boxes, their bellies, or who didn’t have the luxury of having fancy backpacks or new shoes on their feet every few months, led her to start Mission Moms.

Fortunately, Kathryn was not alone. She partnered with family, neighbors, school counselors and many others in Denton and Lewisville ISD to brainstorm an intentional plan of action that not only teaches kids of all ages to serve others with kindness and compassion, but also sets a goal that no underprivileged children get left behind.

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