Parting Shot: Winter Wonderland

December 31, 2021

A deep freeze is beginning to set in on lakes across the country. Here, it creates a stunning winter wonderland as the sun sets over the frozen water. (Photo by Jon Nunneley)

Unleashed: Meet Maggie

December 24, 2021

Meet Maggie, who loves to ride in the truck and tractor during hay season. Maggie is a member of the Shaw family and lives in Bowie, Texas.

Dinosaurs to Roam Earth Again at Heard Museum

December 22, 2021

McKinney, TX—Through February 21, 2022, visitors to Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary in McKinney, Texas will be able to let their imagination run wild as they travel back in time along a half-mile […]

Balance Caregiving and Working

December 20, 2021

By Metro Creative Even though thousands of trained professionals play vital roles in the care of the aging population, many of the unsung heroes of long-term care are the unpaid or informal caregivers who step […]

Work Fatigue: How to Overcome Exhaustion

December 14, 2021

By Metro Creative Regular exercise provides a host of immediate and long-term benefits. Those who exercise regularly can maintain healthy weights while reducing their risk for illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. While exercise […]

Mission Moms: Teach. Serve. Act.

December 10, 2021

By Annalysa Elledge It was during the 2011 Christmas season when Kathryn Flores overheard her two boys arguing about what they felt they should get as gifts. The fact her children might be taking the […]

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