Rockfish Seafood Grill Frisco Just Became Balanced

By Donna Long

If you have not been to Rockfish yet, you are missing out. Rockfish Seafood Grill has been a mainstay in Texas since the late 90s when its first restaurant opened in Richardson. There are now 10 Texas locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and Houston.

Because my husband and I spent most of 2020 moving between our couch and our kitchen, we have found ourselves scrutinizing menus looking for healthy options. I was very pleased to see that Rockfish has many items available which are not breaded and deep fried. There are even a few salads and made from scratch soups.

In a state that is known for its brisket and BBQ, Rockfish delivers an impressive selection of fresh and flavorful seafood. We honestly had a difficult time choosing between Maryland Crab Cakes, Mexican Seafood Cocktail, and the Rockfish Sampler as starters. We decided on the Mexican Seafood Cocktail with homemade, mild spicy salsa and their special Zing Zang mix. It was a perfect start to our meal. Keeping healthy options in mind, it was not too heavy or “super-sized” leaving room to try other menu items.

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