Balance Your Life and Hormones Naturally to See What You Lose

By Donna Long

Okay ladies, let’s talk. We are all going go through it. Even now, some of us are just starting, some are mid-way through, and others may be done. There is no escape from The Phase. The menopausal phase of life. The time where we go through puberty, in reverse.

Our hormones take a permanent hiatus. We gain weight at just the sight of a jelly glazed donut. You swear the thermostat is malfunctioning because there is no way the house can be freezing one moment and blazing hot the next. Then there is the disappearance of patience and tolerance right about the time you start losing memory. Your trains of thought become elusive and difficult to hold onto. I know, this may not be what everyone wants to read about, but there is new hope in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex that will help us feel like an Amazonian goddess again.

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