Plants on Parade

By Kassie Pounds

If you’ve read this column very long, you’ll probably remember that I love to use plants in my decor. They add color, life, whimsy, and even health benefits to a home.

Let’s go back to last summer (for just a minute because no one wants to stay there very long, right?), when I was shopping for a new coffee table. I’m all about Facebook Marketplace for a good deal on vintage items. I found an authentic mid-century coffee table in pristine condition for a steal and ran to get it before someone else did. I got it home and was sad to find that it wasn’t going to work in our space as a coffee table. It took me one minute or less to place it under a window and decide that it was the perfect table to place my plants on parade. Sometimes thinking outside the box brings about something that is better than what we originally intended, and this is definitely one of those times.

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