Kenepela’s Kitchen: Healthy Food for All

By Annalysa Elledge

Being a personal trainer since 2003, Jenn Robinson has an in-depth understanding of the importance of eating clean. Working with Wise County clients over the years, particularly busy families, she realized that access to convenient clean eating options were almost non-existent in her area. In order to meet this need, Jenn started cooking for the community in 2017 and Kenepela’s Kitchen was born.

“Having fresh, healthy, yummy-tasting food on the go was not available,” Jenn said when asked about her reason for starting Kenepela’s Kitchen. “I’ve always been taught that if you see a problem, fix it. It’s my heart and passion to build up people and help them live healthier lifestyles.” Kenepela’s Kitchen helps her do just that.

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