Georgia: Adventure, Mystery and Intrigue Await You

By Donna Long

There is no better way to cruise into summer than with a road trip. If you are looking to experience something a bit different than the great state of Texas, then Georgia should be on your mind. Known for its sweet and ever so juicy peaches, it’s also home to several Grown in Georgia trails, geological wonders, the world’s largest classic car junkyard, Stonehenge (of the South), vintage train rails, gold fever, its own Loch Ness Monster, and so much more. Read on to learn about what Georgia is waiting to show you.
Agricultural Themed Trails

Georgia Grown Trails is a network of six agricultural-themed trails covering more than 550 miles highlighting Georgia specialties. Each trail has unique and fun stops along its route like Southern Grace Farms on Trail 37, which is a u-pick farm run by the McMillan family for eight generations.

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