Getting a Leg Up on your Competition

By Tom Ward |

If you’re battling with some inconsistencies in your game, I have a drill that will help remedy your issues. This drill may look and feel awkward to you initially; however, the overall payoff if you spend some time practicing is well worth while.

As seen in the accompanying photograph are four images of myself making a swing with my right leg off the ground. I usually do this drill when I perform my golf exhibitions and people get a kick out of it thinking it’s a trick shot. It really isn’t so much a trick shot, I tell them, as it showcases the importance of staying balanced and having a good solid foundation on which to support your swing.

When you lift your leg off the ground (left or right) you’re activating your body to stabilize itself. When you try this drill for the first time it will become immediately apparent to you if you have too much lateral motion in your swing or what is commonly called “swaying.” You’ll probably lose your balance going back and won’t even be able to make a completed swing. The beauty of this particular drill is that you can’t cheat it.

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