Exploring Nature’s Beauty at Clark Gardens

In today’s busy life we can get caught up in a whirlwind and often seek a place to take a breath while finding inspiration in the wander and beauty nature has to offer.

There’s no better place to stop and smell the roses-along with the irises, hollies, daffodils, and redbuds- than Clark Gardens in Weatherford. The 50-acre oasis awakens the senses, stirs the spirit and relaxes the mind. What began as the private garden of Max and Billie Clark in 1972 has bloomed into a botanical masterpiece.

In 1999, the Clarks established the Max and Billie Clark foundation, donating 143 acres to the organization. The gardens are a representation of the couple’s unending love and the dedication of a husband and wife to each other and their family. Billie passed away in 2012 from Alzheimer’s, but her legacy lives on through Clark Gardens.

“To this day it is common for visitors to see Mr. Clark, at age 93, out working on the iris beds, as irises were Billie’s favorite flower,” explained Clark Gardens Assistant Director.

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