The Health Issue

There are many steps society has taken to keep safe as the COVID-19 pandemic ripped its way through the world. Washing our hands, wearing masks and going through bottles of hand sanitizer has become the norm, but is there more we could be doing to prepare our bodies in the unfortunate event that the disease hits our household? While more research is necessary, it is believed that steps taken to strengthen the immune system can help sustain your body as it familiarizes itself with the new virus in the event you get sick. It is important to note even the strongest immune system will not prevent you from contracting COVID-19.

The virus that causes it is a novel pathogen. This means those who contract it have no existing antibodies to fight it, so it is vital to continue practicing good hygiene and social distancing. However, while there is nothing that can cure or prevent COVID-19, there are things we can do that will
make our defenses as resilient as possible.

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