Fluffy the Golden Conifer of Your Dreams

By Norman Winter, Horticulturist, Author, and Speaker | Facebook @NormanWinterTheGarden Guy

The weather forecast has several days with morning lows in the 50’s which is a cause for celebration. We can look for those long-lost fleece vests and even better it gives horticulturists like ‘The Garden Guy’ the ticket to forget flowers for a week and write about a new golden conifer called Fluffy.

There is nothing that adds a thrill to the winter landscape quite like conifers and I’ll be the first to admit I have been doing a conifer happy dance all summer even through staggering heat. You see ‘The Garden Guy’ added nine Fluffy arborvitaes to the landscape months ago and I love them.
Fluffy is a great new variety of Thuja plicata known as western red cedar or western arborvitae. Those of you in the South may be thinking ‘Danger Will Robinson’ from the standpoint of our sweltering heat.

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