The Beauty Issue

“Looking beautiful isn’t as important as feeling beautiful.”-Julia Quinn

Too often in today’s society we allow the media and others’ point of view dictate how we feel about ourselves. We are constantly comparing our own beauty to those who have perfect skin, a flatter stomach, longer hair, and the list goes on as we hold ourselves to a very unrealistic level. Only when we realize beauty is on the inside can we feel our best on the outside. However, sometimes a little help from our dentist, hair stylist and even a surgeon can help us be our most confident self. At the end of the day, being comfortable in our own skin is what true beauty is all about. For this Beauty issue, we have rounded up a few ideas for feeling confident with help from local experts.

Diet and Exercise

The best way to feel confident is by taking care of your body, and that starts with a healthy diet and exercise. The rewards of being physically fit extend beyond just a slimmer waist and toned abs; it can improve overall health, decrease anxiety and make you happier with the reflection you see in the mirror. While weight loss has major health benefits, it also is good for the skin.

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