Exploring Conwy, Wales

By Donna Long

Located at the top of Wales on the edge of St. George’s Channel is Conwy, a walled market and fishing town with roots dating to the Roman Empire. Formidable stone walls with passageways and lookout towers encircle the medieval city on three land sides allowing an unobstructed view of the channel branching off the Irish Sea. The Snowdonia Mountains line the horizon to the west. The mountains, which are comprised of volcanic rock, are draped with low growing grass over its craggy rock formations that give way to valleys formed a millennia ago by ice age glaciers.

Conwy and its surrounding areas are one of the most popular places to visit in Wales because of the memorable sights and unique places to discover. Additionally, Conwy is the only place in Europe where you can visit exceptionally preserved and historically significant castles as well as hear Europe’s oldest living language – Welsh.

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