Cheese and beer: What do they have in Common?

By Donna Long

What do Cheese and beer have in common? For starters, Justin Bonard – owner, Cicerone, and chief cheesemonger of Denton’s only artisan cheese shop, Ten:One. Justin, a 16-year resident of Denton, started developing a love for fine artisanal cheese during his training as a cicerone. A cicerone is a certified beer connoisseur trained in the art of selecting, acquiring, and serving today’s wide range of beers. A cicerone for beer is the equivalent of a sommelier for wine. When you come across one, you know they are serious about their passion.

After much investigation, many draining of pints, and sampling of truly artisanal cheese from around the world, Justin decided that Denton needed a special place for beer and cheese. A place where small groups of friends could gather and relax in a casual atmosphere. A place where he could share his love and knowledge of spectacularly unique pairings between cheese and beer. Thus, the Ten:One Artisanal Cheese Shop was born.

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