The Garden Guy: ‘Supertunias’ Pack 150-plus Days of Showtime Performance

By Norman Winter, Horticulturist, Author and Garden Speaker

The commercial landscape world is the proverbial ‘rubber meets the road’ scenario. We can all gawk at flowers in trial gardens and get a good indication of how they will perform at home, but shopping centers and city streetscapes may be the best indicator of all.

In fact, I told my audience at the Spring Home & Garden Show in Charlotte, N.C. that while I was in university cooperative extension in Texas, Mississippi and Georgia, my experiment station is now the shopping center. One of the attendees told me afterward they loved seeing the progression of flowers documented via photographs throughout the summer.

Take for instance Supertunia Bordeaux. I remember seeing large baskets of it over a decade ago at the California Pack Trials. Since then it has won dozens of awards at University Trials across the country. There was certainly no intention of my color design guru son James to prove all the trials correct; he simply hoped this flower was as great as reported.

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