Victory Cottage: The Accent Wall

By Kassie Pounds, Interior Design Lover and Blogger

If you’ve ever had a space that you look at and think “it just needs something,” but you can’t put a finger on what, maybe you need to try an accent wall.

Accent walls are huge in decor right now, which you have probably noticed. If you don’t want to commit to doing something out of your comfort zone on every wall in a room, it’s a great way to attempt something you’ve been wanting to try.

It’s also a great way to do something in a space and it not be over-bearing. I’ve never been one to jump on every new trend, but here are a few ways to add pizzazz to a room that I’m loving.

  1. Wallpaper – I know, I know. Some people hear that and gasp because they’re thinking about that ugly stuff from the 80’s. But there’s some seriously beautiful wallpaper now, and with most of it peel and stick these days, it’s easy to hang, and easy to change when you’re tired of it. Very non-committal.
  2. Wood Accents – This look is achieved by taking boards and cutting them to make any pattern on your wall that suits your fancy.
    It can be super inexpensive but create a huge focal point in a room.
  3. Paint – The easiest, cheapest, and most changeable if you hate it. If you’re wanting to try some color in your home, try a colored accent wall. You just might love it (like I do).

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