Tsunami Sushi & Grill: A fresh wave of edible art

By Donna Long

It was one of those nights as I was running around doing errands when I stumbled across Tsunami Sushi and Grill, a fabulous place that I want to share.

If you are unfamiliar with sushi, it is one of the healthiest fast food dishes around. For those of you who are going “ew, I will never eat raw fish,” there are many variations of what is generically, in the Western world, called sushi. In Japan, sushi actually refers to the type of vinegared rice that is used. Many types of sushi are baked, broiled, deep-fried, or even vegetarian.

The moment I walked into this small sushi restaurant located in Flower Mound, it immediately reminded me of my absolute favorite sushi joint in Alaska. There were a dozen or so tables along with a chef’s bar available for sitting. If you have not eaten at a sushi restaurant before, then you should know the best seat in the house is at the bar. The finesse in which the chefs create unique traditional and contemporary sushi rolls is fascinating to watch. It is like enjoying a theatrical show while you have dinner. The chef is also usually eager to answer any questions about the dish that he is making and sometimes, might make you a sample bite to try it out.

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