Tee Time with Tom

By Tom Ward

In the middle part of March the news spread quickly throughout the sports world that the increasing risks of the coronavirus was too great to ignore. All the major sports teams decided to either cancel, delay or suspend their seasons. The PGA Tour got onboard to cancel the rest of the tournaments on schedule up till at least mid-May. The Masters and the PGA Championship are going to reschedule at a later date.

So, with no golf for the fans to watch on television or in person for the foreseeable future perhaps this is an opportunity for golfers to spend more time working on their own game. All the health officials agree that getting exercise is beneficial in combating this virus.

A couple of hours being outdoors can be invigorating after being house bound for extended periods of time. If you walk the golf course you can easily maintain the required six feet distance that has been recommended. Most golfers wear a glove on their dominate hand. Obviously, if you had underlying health issues prior to this outbreak it’s best to stay home. Golf can offer a nice alternative if you are looking for something to do during these challenging times, but please exercise caution.

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