Good Works: Wichita Falls Crime Stoppers

By Joshua Campbell

One Friday afternoon in early September 2016, Kody Lott killed Lauren Landavazo and injured her friend, Makayla Smith. Lott’s vehicle had been spotted at various locations since the shooting, and folks kept calling in tips. Finally, Lott’s truck was reported seen at a local Braum’s. The police came quickly to the scene and Lott was arrested two days after his crime. Lott was arrested thanks to the anonymous tip of a citizen of Wichita Falls. Dave Yonts, president of Wichita Falls’ Crime Stoppers, told me this story when pressing home how truly efficient and effective Crime Stoppers can be.
The Wichita Falls Crime Stoppers Inc. came into being February 1981. Since its inception, the program has been very successful.

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