2020: The Year of the Lantana

Luscious Citrus Blend features red, orange and yellow. (Photo courtesy of Proven Winners)

By Norman Winter, Horticulturist, Author and Garden Speaker

Hats off to the National Garden Bureau for designating 2020 as the Year of the Lantana. If North Texas gardeners are looking for a flower that gives vibrant color from late spring through frost then the lantana is probably the plant for you. This does come with a warning. You will mostly likely have tigers, zebras and some flashy ladies hanging around your garden all growing season.

The passion for pollinators is skyrocketing in North Texas as it is across the country and you could hardly do better than lantana. My suggestion would be to pair it with salvia, the 2019 Plant of the Year, and you’ll want to invite the neighbors over to not just see the beauty but to experience the Serengeti like activity in the garden.

The lantana is related to the verbena and in fact has a common name of shrub verbena and in the last decade the number of varieties has exploded, making you scratch your head when choosing yours for the home. The Garden Guy likes bold colors but you may want those a little more subdued.

To read more, pick up a copy of the March/April issue of LiveIt magazine.