Symptoms of Heart Valve Disease

By Metro Creative

Heart disease is a blanket term that includes a variety of conditions and illnesses. Heart valve disease is one such condition that poses a significant threat, a threat that many people are unaware of. A 2016 public opinion survey of more than 2,000 adults sponsored by the nonprofit Alliance for Aging Research found public awareness of heart valve disease, or HVD, is very low. Fewer than one in four survey respondents knew much about HVD at all. That’s despite the fact the AAR reports as many as 11 million people in the United States have HVD. Raising awareness of HVD, including its symptoms, can help people protect themselves from this potentially deadly disease.

What is HVD? HVD occurs when the heart’s valves, which maintain one-way blood flow through the heart, are not functioning properly. The heart has four valves that, when working properly, ensure the free flow of blood in a forward direction, preventing backward leakage. This process is essential to the successful and continuous flow of blood to the heart, lungs and body.

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