That Christmas Feeling

By Kassie Pounds

Every year it happens. As the weather grows colder, anticipation for the holidays arrives, and it truly seems to come faster with each year that passes. There’s a certain feeling that comes with the season. It’s a feeling of excitement, wonder, and fun..… a feeling that even if the world is in chaos, there’s still joy to be found in little things. Little things like the first lights lining a roofline that twinkle in the night sky, festive displays going up around town, and Christmas tunes filling the air, or a cup of hot cocoa in front of the fire, watching a Christmas movie with the kids.

One of my favorite parts of the season is when the decorations come down from the attic and I slowly start mulling over where everything will find its place in our home that year. Now I rarely buy a lot of new things; usually just a couple things to add to our collection. The secret to making them feel new is to use them differently every year. My mantel is never the same; the tree might be similar, but never exact.

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