How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

By Metro Creative

Caring for an aging or sick relative is not always so easy. In addition to the physical demands of caring for such loved ones, tending to sick people can take a mental toll, potentially contributing to a condition referred to as caregiver stress.

Women are more likely than men to serve as caregivers to elderly or disabled adults. That increases their risk for caregiver stress, says the Office on Women’s Health, a division of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

The Mayo Clinic notes caring for a loved one can strain even the most resilient person. It can be quite difficult to be a person’s sole caregiver and witness a loved one’s health deteriorate due to a debilitating illness.

As the population ages, nearly 80 percent of the long-term care that takes place in the United States is overseen by people who are not healthcare professionals, including daughters, granddaughters, sisters and aunts.

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