Pros and cons of early retirement

By Metro Creative

A lifetime of working compels many people to look forward to their retirement. Some people even work to retire early, but what are the advantages of early retirement beyond starting a life of leisure? Are there any detriments to this plan?

A 2014 survey by the financial services provider TIAA-CREF found that 37 percent of Americans plan to retire before age 65.
However, many of them will not have control over the matter. Those who do may want to consider the pros and cons of early retirement.

Advantages: Many people seek early retirement so that they can live a life free of the constraints of schedules.

In retirement time becomes, more or less, a retiree’s own. Leaving a job can be a boon to a person’s health as well. Relieving oneself of the pressures and stresses of professional life can free up the mind and body. Stress can affect mental and physical health, taxing the heart and contributing to conditions such as depression or anxiety.

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