Fabulous Fall

By Kassie Pounds, Interior Design Lover and Blogger

Ahhh….the season is upon us again when the air gets a little crisp. I start wondering if 65 degrees is too warm for a fire in the fireplace (don’t judge me, please), and I’m checking for the arrival of all things pumpkin. Now some people are just waiting on pumpkin spice lattes to arrive (and that’s all well and good), but I’m over here waiting for the pumpkin patches to appear, so I can get my fall decor game on.

I love heading to the pumpkin patches with my kids to choose the perfect pumpkins to adorn the house with. We pick through big ones, small ones, white, orange, and even teal ones. Then we leave and proudly cart our pumpkin possessions home. The kids even get to help with deciding where some of them are placed. They also help me set out the glass pumpkins I’ve collected through the years.

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