Something About Summer that Unleashes the Fun

By Tom Marquardt and Patrick Darr

There is something about summer that unleashes the fun in us. Even the oldest of us take childish delight in stepping outside to enjoy the outdoors, whether it be on a boat, a beach, a chaise lounge or a picnic blanket. If this your vision, imagine it with a glass of white wine.

Red wines like beaujolais and pinot noir are nice to sip, too, but the coolness and fresh acidity of white wine makes for a great foil to warmer temperatures. In today’s column, we mostly step aside from the traditional grape varieties to offer 15 off-beat suggestions to get you into summer dreaming:

• Aia Vecchia Vermentino 2016 ($15). We just loved the perfumy, grassy and green apple aromas in this delicious Tuscan vermentino. Blended with a dash of vigonier to enhance the aromas, the wine has grapefruit flavors and a long, refreshing finish.

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