Lindsay, Texas: Maintaining its German Heritage

The small town of Lindsay, Texas, sits alongside U.S. Highway
82 near the center of Cooke County and is rich in German
history. Unlike some places along the map, the town of Lindsay
has managed to cling to its history, which is alive and well
for visitors and residents alike to enjoy as they stroll down the
town’s streets.

It all began around 1887 when the Missouri-Kansas-Texas
railroad built a line through the town of Lindsay as it went from
Gainesville to Henrietta. Just a few years later, Anton and August
Flusche transferred more than 9,000 acres along the railway for the
founding of the new town, which attracted more German Catholic
settlers in the years to come. However, it wasn’t until the year 1960
when the town of Lindsay, named in honor of a Gainesville judge
who donated land for a church, was officially incorporated.

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