From “Blah” to “Ta-Da”: The Story of a Fireplace Makeover

A photo of the fireplace before its makeover. (Photo courtesy Victory Cottage)

By Kassie Pounds, Interior Design Lover and Blogger

Have you ever lived with something in your home you really didn’t love, but it seemed like the right thing to do? I know that sounds crazy, but let me explain.

We bought our home, a 1928 Tudor cottage, eight years ago and have slowly renovated it, trying to keep the charm that only old homes possess.

Our house had beautiful wood trim, but half of it had been painted over, and honestly even though it was beautiful wood, I wasn’t crazy about the orange tinge in it. We decided to go ahead and paint the rest of the trim to match what had been painted over previously. It truly brightened up the house and we were happy with our choice.

This big orange-tinged fireplace sat on one wall of the living room. It had a turquoise tile surround that I kind of liked, and we decided to leave it all alone to preserve something original in the house from 1928.

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