Stretching to Improve Mobility and Independence

By Aimee Hodges, CI-CPT, Personal Trainer, Fit-N-Wise, Opposite Way Training

The importance of stretching is sometimes overlooked by many but has always remained high on my priority list. I have learned the importance after recovering from several injuries and years working with people hands on as they push their bodies to their limits. Regular stretching allows our muscles to remain healthy, strong and flexible.

Without regular stretching our muscles tighten and become shorter. We need to preform regular stretching to maintain good range of motion in our joints, without healthy range of motion injured muscles may not be healthy enough to support the joints.

If you are sedentary at work or at home you might notice the backs of your legs tightening and challenging to stand up straight after a period of rest due to tight hamstrings which can cause everyday walking to be difficult.

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