Digital Print Pioneer Thrives in Spite of Severe Dyslexia

Houston, TX, May 23, 2019 — Larry Vaughn didn’t learn the word “dyslexia” until he was 55. Growing up in the ’60s, in the small town of Carlsbad, New Mexico, he knew he was different. He struggled with reading and writing but excelled at business and “big picture thinking.” He became a successful businessman and entrepreneur, earning a reputation as a forward-thinker and pioneer in the digital print industry — all before he knew how to read.

In Business Cards and Shoe Leather: How Dyslexia Helped Me Found One of the World’s Premier Business Cooperatives (with co-author Ruby Peru), Vaughn outlines his rise from a small-town youth who struggled academically to a successful businessman and entrepreneur in spite of severe, undiagnosed dyslexia. Vaughn drew upon an upbringing that emphasized hard work and relationship-building to launch the business cooperative DSCOOP (Digital Solutions Cooperative) and the digital print cooperative thINK to help businesses find success through embracing the principles of cooperation, ethics, and mentoring, rather than competition. He even found ways to thrive as a speaker until a public embarrassment forced him to confront the language problem that had plagued him for five decades. 

Business Cards and Shoe Leather is a testament that success is possible by doing business ethically, with a focus on people instead of profits. But it’s also a real demonstration of the fact that dyslexia isn’t a learning “disorder,” but rather a “difference.” Dyslexics’ brains aren’t broken; they’re just wired differently. This unique type of brain wiring has been equally responsible for Vaughn’s greatest frustrations and accomplishments. 

Today, author and motivational speaker Larry Vaughn challenges himself daily to improve his reading and writing. His hope is that other undiagnosed adult dyslexics will recognize their own stories between the covers of Business Cards and Shoe Leather and feel inspired by the positive attributes of the dyslexic brain. He speaks regularly on the topics of overcoming adversity, business cooperatives, business mentoring, and the advantages of a cooperative mindset as an entrepreneur. Vaughn lives in Houston with his wife, son, daughter and two adorable grandbabies.

Co-author and accomplished memoir ghostwriter Ruby Peru has written books for artists, entrepreneurs, spiritual seekers, refugees, political journalists, cult escapees and incurable romantics. She has traveled the world and embedded herself in unique subcultures to research her work. Peru studied her craft under Kurt Vonnegut in the ’80s, David Foster Wallace in the ’90s, and Alan Arkin in the ’00s, among other lauded teachers. Ruby enjoys emphasizing each client’s unique sense of humor while telling compelling stories to make every memoir a page-turner that makes readers laugh, cry, and grow along with the author. 

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Business Cards and Shoe Leather 
Publisher: Pangloss Press
Released: March 2019
ISBN-10: 179093219X 
ISBN-13: 978-1790932191
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“A very inspiring story that demonstrates that any barrier can be overcome, including dyslexia, as long as one possesses drive, determination and persistence. Larry Vaughn is living proof of that. … A great read for anyone struggling with dyslexia or other life challenges.”

“… This book is about so much more than persevering and being successful in spite of dyslexia, but how that ‘weakness’ manifests into many strengths. The underlying message of the importance of the value we put on relationships and family speaks volumes to Larry’s character as a business man, a family man and a friend.”

“… I found the book inspiring and intriguing. As a person that also suffers from dyslexia I could relate to the struggles and triumphs Larry had to overcome.”