Waco Mammoth National Monument

A skeleton of a mammoth. The animals were quite large, standing at 14 feet tall at the shoulders and weighing an impressive 20,000-24,000 Ibs. (Photos by Donna Long)

By Donna Long, Travel Writer

On the outskirts of the bustling city of Waco, Texas is a partially hidden piece of paleontological history of mammoth proportion. Waco is a comfortably sized city, conveniently situated between Dallas and Austin just south of Fort Worth. Waco is home to many sights and attractions that thrill both the young and the young-at-heart alike.

One such attraction is the Waco Mammoth Monument. Situated on 107 acres, the Monument became one of the newest additions to the National Park System on July 10, 2015, by Presidential proclamation from President Barack Obama.

A bit of history

On a balmy spring day in 1978, two young men set off on an afternoon adventure in search of arrowheads, fossils, and other interesting finds near the Bosque River.

As the men were walking down a ravine looking under shrubs and digging in the dirt examining small pointed rocks for the deliberate chipping pattern on the edges in hopes they had found an arrowhead when they discovered a bone.

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