Turn the Page

By Crista Tompkins

November Road
By Lou Berney

Frank Guidry has a good thing going. He lives in a swanky apartment, follows orders from the New Orleans Mafia and generally lives well. The job looked routine: drop off a Cadillac Eldorado in a parking garage near Commerce Street in Dallas. A job below his usual pay grade, but he was in town on other business anyway. Then came the Kennedy assassination news on television, radio, everywhere and Guidry realized the Caddy could be connected to the assassination and then to him. Pursued by the Feds and the Mafia, neither one known to give up, Guidry hits the road.
Charlotte is a young mother with an alcoholic husband living in Go Nowhere, OK. Turned down for another mortgage extension, frustration soon finds her headed west with her two kids and their college fund.
Guidry and Charlotte join up, one to hide the other. Their story, the assassination news, their pursuers and the open road all come together like a time warp ride.

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