Tips for a Night at the Drive-In

By Michelle Ames

Summer and drive-in movies go hand-in-hand, and it’s great to see them making such a big comeback. If you haven’t been to a drive-in movie, now is your time to go.

Buy your tickets online

Check if the theater offers online ticket sales, and if they do, purchase them online. Just like regular theaters, drive-in theaters often sell out early. If they only sell tickets the night of the showing, be sure to arrive early.M ost drive-ins sell tickets per person, with the Brazos Drive-In in Granbury still selling by the car loads for $20 (up to six people), and the Tascosa Drive-In in Amarillo does $10 nights every Sunday. Graham is $7 per person with discounts for military and children.

Arrive early

Going to a drive-in movie is an experience, and for the best time, make a full evening of it.

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