Wise Hope: Helping Those Abused

By Joshua Campbell

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, a third of women and a sixth of men who live in the United States have encountered some sort of sexual assault. This staggering statistic, and others like it, lend to the creation of Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign during April. The community, unfortunately, does not deviate from the national statistics.

Wise Hope Shelter and Crisis Center was created to help and protect those individuals in our communities impacted by sexual assault and domestic violence. We reached out to Ginger Johnson, Community Educator for Wise Hope Shelter and Crisis Center, or WHS&CC, to learn the history of the organization, what it does, and how the community can help it execute its mission.

According to Ginger, WHS&CC got its start in 1999 when “two women decided to do something positive” about abuse cases in Wise County. From their efforts, the Wise County Domestic violence task force was born. Eventually, the name changed in order to better reflect the purpose of the organization.

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