Bisous Bisous: The Art of French Baking

Bisous Bisous pastry. Photo by Donna Long.

By Donna Long

You open the door to walk into the shop. A luxurious fragrance of freshly baked croissants and cinnamon sprinkled muffins greets your senses. Your mouth starts to water. Welcome to Bisous Bisous, a p√Ętisserie shop so French you want to say Bonjour Madame.

Andrea Meyer, a French pastry chef and owner of Bisous Bisous (bee-zoo bee-zoo), has made the journey of a lifetime to bring delicate light-as-air goodness to DFW. Bisous Bisous is one of the hottest places in the Metroplex to get authentic French macarons and pastries.

Growing tired of the stress of corporate life, Meyer chose to trade-in her project manager hat for an apron. She journeyed to France to pursue a passion, learning how to create delicate yet flavorful, French pastries. She brought the knowledge of French baking secrets back to Texas to open Bisous Bisous on the outskirts of Uptown.

French macarons, which are very different from American macaroons, are petite pastry sandwiches in a rainbow of pastel colors and diverse flavors with a creamy center. American macaroons resemble small haystacks of toasted shredded coconut. Both are delicious in their own right, but very distinctly different.

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