Tee Time with Tom: Lesson of a Lifetime on the Links

By Tom Ward

Thirty years ago I was invited to participate in a golf tournament in Denver, Colo.

I was paired with Steve Minot, who was the tournament host. When Steve got out of the cart, I saw he was on crutches as he hobbled over to his ball that was already teed up. He proceeded to drop his crutches and with driver in his hand, made his swing, hitting the ball down the fairway.

After he made contact, he landed face first on the ground. I immediately rushed over to help him off the damp turf.

As I reached out my hand to help lift him up, he waived me off saying “I can do it myself.” It became quite apparent he didn’t need my assistance and was fiercely independent.

Throughout the rest of the round this unique occurrence happened on every hole and nearly every shot, with the exception of when he putted. His pants, shirts and arms were covered with grass stains and dirt by the time we finished.

During the round everyone had to hit a series of awkward shots like hitting a ball standing on one leg, putting blindfolded or chipping with one arm. This event was for the Colorado chapter for the Physically Challenged.

In every group was a member of the organization with a physical challenge (such as multiple sclerosis, blindness, polio, loss of a limb, and golfers with prosthetics).

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