Aqua Strength

By Aimee Hodges

Aqua strength, otherwise known as water aerobics and/or water strength training, can be a fun innovative way to incorporate large muscle movements that otherwise being on land might impair your abilities.

Aqua strength classes are a fun way to catch up with a friend while getting in a great workout that can really fatigue major muscle groups. You need a pool with a minimum of waist high water and water buoys, water proof weights, to perform aqua strength.

Begin with a warm up in the pool with walking around. Get warm by gradually increasing your pace through the water.

Stand in the squat position and set yourself in your core by tightening your stomach while drawing in your belly button to your spine so to speak.

Drag your arms through the water from side to side allowing your arms to sway from side to side. After approximately 45 seconds you can begin body weight squats of standing up and down.

Repeat 15 times. You should notice that you can go into a deeper squat in the water rather than land as the water allows weightlessness and does not put so much pressure on the knees and back. Repeat this warm up two more times with the brisk walking through the water, arm sways and body weight squats.

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