The Salvation Army

Every holiday season you drop some extra cash into a red bucket
as you pass by the smiling volunteer in the red apron ringing a
little bell as you head into a store for some Christmas shopping.
The words Salvation Army are written across the apron, but have
you ever stopped to wander exactly what your donation is going

While many are preparing their Thanksgiving meals and making
their Christmas shopping lists, volunteers with the Salvation
Army are already focused on helping community members in need
as they promise to “do the most good.”

The history of the Salvation Army dates back to 1865, when its
founders William and Catherine Booth established the organization
motivated by the love of God. In 1878, William Booth was
dictating a letter and uttered the words “We are a volunteer army.”
Thus the name Salvation Army was born.

Today, that army is an international movement with its message
based on the bible. The army has grown to more than 1.5 million
members, including officers, soldiers and adherents, serving more
than 130 countries and 25 million Americans.

The Salvation Army spends all year serving those in need, including
women, children, those suffering from natural disasters and
more. Music plays a large part with the Salvation Army, used to
provide people of all ages a lifetime of fulfillment through musical
excellence with spiritual purpose.

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