Reversible Season Decor

By Melissa Beal

4-5 old pickets 36 inches long
2 old pickets 24 inches long
Wood glue
Nails or screws
1. Gather 4-5 old pickets cut to make 36 inches long.
2. Gather two additional pickets and cut to 24 inches long
3. Glue sides together with wood glue ad clamp together to
help hold until glue dries.
4. Glue the two other pickets, one on each side, to make
brim for hats. In addition to glue I used my brad nail
gun to nail brim to other boards for additional strength.
I measured down approximately seven inches from top and
slanted board to approximately 10 inches to other side.
5. Stain one side in desired stain color for scarecrow and
paint the brim and above it black to make hat. I use an
exterior paint so the paint holds up better in weather.
6. Paint the other side white on bottom and black on top.
7. Find a scarecrow and snowman clip art to trace and paint
on faces.
8. Use stencils to put desired message on each hat brim.
9. Decorate with raffia, ribbon, and flowers.