Changing What I Allow to Follow Me

By Trudy Samsill

One of my favorite times of the year accompanied by one of my
most enjoyable pastimes, was deeply marked by something new.

Something I hated. Something I couldn’t change, but simply
was enduring. That wonderful season between Thanksgiving and
New Year’s, with the joy of Christmas sweetly tucked in between,
is normally full of cozy fires, either an occasional light snow or
freezing rain, plenty of good books, family games, and way too
much carbs and sugar. I love this season and yearly look forward
to the first fire in our fireplace that ushers in the scent of oak and

But this year my hubby and I sat by the fireplace staring
unseeingly into the orange flames. I sat on my leather loveseat
under a blanket that wasn’t thick enough to ward off the icy chill of
my emotions. The fire nor the wonderful novel nor the soft blanket
could chase away what was creeping in around us, like an unwanted
draft seeping around a window.
Cancer — did I really have it? Was this real? How on earth
had this ugly word and illness invaded our minds and hearts and
my body so quickly and unexpectedly? There was no warning
whatsoever. No initial scare. Just the unforeseen, unexplainable,
unwanted disease.

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