A Magical Christmas

By Kassie Pounds, Interior Design Lover and Blogger

Christmas has always been magical to me. It could be because
I’m a dreamer, or maybe because I’m creative. Or maybe it’s
because I understand the true meaning of the season, and choose
to believe in the hope it brings.

I choose to overlook the ugly in the
world and focus on the beauty, at least for the season. Whatever the
reason, with it, comes the anticipation of making our home feel full
of the magic.

The tree is placed just so and trimmed with glittering lights and
sparkling ornaments. Every year, the mantel is done up differently,
and stockings for the kids are hung with care over the dancing

The Nativity scene is set just right, and Santa usually appears
somewhere — to make sure the kids are behaving, of course. Our
table is set beautifully, ready to welcome anyone who may gather
there, and my nutcracker collection is on display in the kitchen.

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