The Art of Racing in the Rain

By Crista Tompkins

The Art of Racing in the Rain, Author Garth Stein

Dogs know everything. Cats do too, but they display little interest in sharing their knowledge with us. As humans, we don’t speak either language and haven’t done a good job of learning any of it, although dogs persist in trying to educate us.

They have had some success teaching us simple commands like please let me out, sit, roll over, and so on, but problems remain. Other than the communication struggle, dogs have a good life: eat, sleep, run the world, always wishing for an opposable thumb which would solve that doorknob problem nicely.

This novel is about running the world and specifically it’s about the world of a family of three. Enzo, a dog named for Enzo Ferrari of race car fame, tells the story. Denny Swift, Enzo’s first human, is a young man determined to become a race car driver himself.

Racing takes money though, and Denny’s currently working at the customer relations counter of a Seattle BMW dealership while “taking seats” in race cars (which is kind of like being a temp in the racing world) to get noticed.

All the while Denny is focused on winning which is, as he says, sometimes just knowing when to put on the rain tires. Denny and Enzo both prefer Formula One racing to NASCAR, so the arena is worldwide and that much harder to break into.

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