Make Your Own Pumpkin Patch


By Melissa Beal


Two 2x4x8 studs or one 2x4x12 stud

220 grit sandpaper
dark walnut stain

orange acrylic paint

wood glue

wood stem from a tree branch


hot glue



  1. Cut 2×4 to desired lengths. Large pumpkin: Two 9′, two 10″, two 11″, one 12″; Medium pumpkin: Two 6″, two 8″; Small pumpkin: Two 4″, one 6″
  2. Lightly sand rough edges with sandpaper.
  3. Stack boards together to form pumpkin, apply wood glue to boards, and let dry.
  4. Stain boards and let dry.

To read the full story, pick up the September/October issue of LiveIt magazine.