Fanatical for Fall

By Kassie Pounds, Interior Design Lover and Blogger

There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you realize the hot, humid days of  a Texas summer are coming to an end, and you can almost taste fall in the air! Without a doubt, it’s my favorite season, and I truly get giddy. I fall in love with the weather; in love with the sights and smells.

What’s better than snuggling up with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate when the first chill is on the morning breeze, and the leaves slowly let go and sway back and forth to the ground? And what’s more fun than for a décor junkie to realize they can go crazy with pumpkins and no one will think any less of them?!!

I love to “gussy” up (yes, gussy is a real word!) the house when fall arrives! The front porch gets pumpkins, mums, and a new doormat. On the inside of the house, the mantel gets a new look, and pumpkins are placed just so. Blankets are thrown around for keeping the chill away, and please don’t judge me if there’s a fire in the fireplace just a bit prematurely.

Of course, the candles come out that fool guests into thinking you’ve positively been baking all day, and the chalkboard will get a new look involving pumpkin spice everything. There might even be a pillow with a quote about coffee, and the coffee bar is stocked; all the favorite mugs are on display.

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