Setting a beautiful dining table

By Kassie Pounds, Interior Design Lover and Blogger

With the different seasons, I always do a dining room table refresh. I love to have a beautiful vignette. Not just for guests, even though that’s fun, but for myself as well. A beautiful space just makes me happy. There are a few elements that to me make a table lovely.


  1. Color

Decide what colors you will be using and collect your items.  Mix colors that will coordinate with the room. Don’t be afraid to mix metals as well. The days of having only one type of metal in a space has passed!


  1. Layers

One of the best tips for decorating ANY space is to do so in layers. Layers create interest and keep a space from feeling “flat”.  I used several different layers on this table, including stacked plates with napkins and Eucalyptus,  stacked birch wood slices and table runners (think outside the box…the burlap and even the Eucalyptus create a runner effect).


  1. Textures

Using different textures provides warmth and impact in a space. It can be a “wow factor” or something subtle.  Here, I’ve mixed different types of succulents, glass, pottery, wood, and fabrics.


  1. Patterns

I love to mix and match patterns, but keep it to a minimum. For this vignette, I mixed different-patterned plates, but they all coordinate with my color palette. Consider all the patterns in your room so it doesn’t get too overwhelming.

Setting a beautiful table isn’t as hard as it may seem at first. When you’re finished, step back and admire your own work! Just add people, food, drink…(let’s not forget dessert,)…. and you’re ready for a good time!

Shopping Sources:

Patterned Plates – Anthropologie

Small Clay Pots, Faux Succulents, Eucalyptus – Hobby Lobby

Larger Clay Pots – TJMaxx

Glass Votive’s (Mercury & White) – Hobby Lobby

Glass Votives (Teal) – Opal House for Target

White Table Runner & Rose Gold Flatware – Target

Pale Pink Compotes – Vintage Depression Glass

Drinking Glasses – Dillard’s