Mason Jar Planter Box


Supply List:

1×4 pine board

1×6 pine board

Wood glue

Nail gun or hammer

1 ½ inch brad nails or finish nails

Dark walnut stain

(3) quart size mason jars

White chalk paint

220 grit sandpaper

Floral, twine, ribbon

Stencil of choice

Spray sealer



First cut the boards for the planter box. You will need to cut (2) 1×4 boards at 11 ½ inches for the front and back, (2) 1×6 boards at 4 ¼ inches for the sides, and (1) 1×6 board at 11 ½ inches for the bottom.

Next stain all the boards with a Dark Walnut stain and let dry.

After the stain is dry use wood glue and a nail gun or hammer to piece everything together. To do this lay the bottom piece flat on your workbench and align front and back pieces on top of the 1×6 bottom board. Glue together and nail from the bottom. Do the same for the sides.

If desired use a stencil to decorate the front with chalk paint and let dry.

To finish the box apply polycrylic on all sides to seal the wood and chalk paint.

Next paint the mason jars with 2-3 layers of white chalk paint until desired coverage. After each layer is dry be sure to lightly sand with 220 grit sandpaper for a smoother finish.

When the coverage is to your liking use the sandpaper again to distress around the top, sides, bottom, and any wording on mason jar. This gives a perfect farmhouse antique look.

After the chalk paint is completely dry spray with a sealer to prevent any chipping and scratching of jars.

Last use floral, twine, or ribbon to decorate as you would like.