From Chuck Wagons to Food Trucks – Lunch is a Corner Away

By Donna Long, Travel Writer

Food trucks, the modern-day chuck wagon, got their start in the days of ol’ when cowboys ran cattle on long dusty trails from ranch lands to market towns. A necessity in their day, chuck wagons have moved from supplying beans and rice that was washed down with wood-smoke infused coffee to the culturally diverse food truck that serves tasty morsels both hot and cold from around the world.

Italian Pies

Do you find that you have an affinity for pizza? Then you need to try Bellatrino -which is not your run of the mill food truck. Bellatrino is based out of Southlake and has a wood-fired pizza oven built right into its truck! Starting with 100 percent natural flour imported directly from Italy, they create authentic Neapolitan pies with a lightly smoked savory flavor loaded with traditional Italian mozzarella and tomatoes from Campania, Italy. Combine that with fresh Texas basil, olive oil, kalamata olives, and prosciutto – you will feel like you are in a Tuscan cafe.

Cuban Affair

The Guava Tree Truck, featured on the Food Network’s Great American Food Truck Race, is a Cuban “truckstaurant” that brings an American twist. The Guava Tree has been rolling around Texas since 2012 with Onel and Pam Perez at the wheel. The inspiration for their menu came from Onel’s traditional Cuban family recipes. Some of their more popular tasty treats are Cuban sandwiches with guava mustard, Yucca Fries (a very dense and starchy root) loaded with Black Beans, Queso Fresco, Cuban Donuts (a spin on a traditional Guava and Cream Cheese Pastelito), Ropa Vieja, and many other Cuban specialties. The Guava Tree is sure to satisfy your cravings for Cuban fare.

A Taste of Down Under

Plano based The Great Australian Meat Pie Company came into existence when the owners returned to the US after spending several years in Australia and decided to offer mouthwatering meat pies from Australia with an American flair.They have a passion for quenching crowds of hungry people, and it shows in the caliber of their food. The towering chicken pie was absolutely delicious. It was a biscuit dumpling loaded with mushrooms, onions, and chunks of chicken slathered with creamy white gravy and topped with shredded cheese. Their extensive menu had many choices including an Australian mainstay, the Vegemite Sandwich.

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